Wednesday, January 4, 2017

pyRevit is blowing my mind

I am so sorry I didn’t really let this sink in when I first heard about it: Ehsan Iran-Nejad’s pyRevit

I don’t really have the time to figure out all the stuff it does, but one thing that really blew my mind is that you can update the ribbon panel without restarting Revit! I just have to find out how he does this! Especially, since I failed to do this a couple of years back. Maybe the API has changed, maybe there is some wizardry going on, but this is what the RevitPythonShell should have been like.

Adding scripts is as easy as creating a folder structure following a naming convention. I like this idea. I love this idea. Hm… I wonder if we can merge some of these ideas back into RPS?

So… If you haven’t done this yet, go over to pyRevit and give it a spin!