Thursday, February 25, 2010

Extracting music from Mac formatted iPod in Windows XP

I used these tools to extract the music from my iPod (Mac formatted) under windows:

HFSExplorer lets you extract data from an HFS file system hooked up to your PC. In this case my iPod. After loading the filesystem from a device (see file menue), navigate to the folder /iPod_Control/Music and extract it to your PCs filesystem, e.g. your Desktop.

The music shows up as a lot of funny folders and files (F00, F01, ...). This is where Mp3tag comes in: One of the functions of this tool is to read the meta information from your music files and create a directory structure from them, with proper file names, folder names for the albums etc. Sweet!


  1. This post is only meant as a reminder for my future self, but may point you in the right direction if you need to do this too!

  2. Double damn. I was ready to be blown away by the heavenly breeze of swift music extraction, but HFSExplorer cannot find my device. Is it possible my Mac-formatted iPod is not in HFS format?

    Nothing is ever simple, is it? In any case, Mp3tag *is* pretty sweet, so thanks!

  3. @aesdanae: I'm sorry, I can't really provide any support for this. Have you tried asking on

  4. Worked like a charm.
    I couldn't find it, then I just did something I can't remember, and I found the device.
    Anyways, it works!

  5. Just needed to do this. Worked like a charm. Thanks

  6. how do i use mp3Tag to decypt the funny files

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    1. Bryan, I'm sorry, I don't have these tools installed anymore... Wasn't there just a magic button/menu item somewhere that did this automatically?

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  9. This was relevant to my interests, thanks a whole bunch!!