Monday, October 24, 2016

Merged PR #42 by @eirannejad to RevitPythonShell

This is exciting: I just merged a pull request on the RevitPythonShell repository. Sure, no big deal, except, it kinda is. Here’s why:

I don’t really have a lot of time to improve the RPS right now as I am mainly working on a totally unrelated project, the CityEnergyAnalyst. And I don’t really BIM much anymore.

Turns out, the RPS has a fan base and they’re stepping up with feature requests, but also improvements in the form of pull requests.

A pull request is a collection of commits that you propose to add to the master branch of the RPS software. You can fork your own version of the RPS and with this feature, request your changes be added back to the main version. This is probably the best way to get changes / bug fixes etc. into the software.

In this case, Ehsan Iran-Nejad stepped up and provided a small patch that adds the folder an external script is defined in to the search paths of the interpreter. This makes it easier to split your code into reusable libraries.

BTW: Check out Ehsan’s awesome project pyRevit which makes working with RPS even easier!

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