Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wiki syntax for UML diagrams

Yay! I have just implemented my very first Trac Hack: YumlPreprocessorMacro for integrating diagrams into the trac wiki.

I have come to depend on using Trac as a bug tracking and documentation tool. I really like using wikis for documentation. I like being able to create links quickly. I like being able to search the documentation in a webby way. I absolutely hate using MS Word for technical documentation.

Often, you want to add little UML sketches to your docs. The workflow normally goes like this:

  1. Open your UML editor of choice
  2. Create UML diagram
  3. Export as image
  4. Include in documentation
Notice how that can be a little disruptive for just a sketch? Most UML tools want you to go BDUF. They want you to create a whole model of everything, when all you really want to do is a little use case. I like the Violet UML Editor precisely because it lets me sketch. But really changes the whole game!


  1. Hallo ich habe in einem anderen Forum gelesen dass du erfolgreich Trac auf einem Synology DS209 aufgesetzt hast. Wäre es möglich dass du dafür auch eine kleine Anleitung schreibst? Ich habe mir beim Versuch die Zähne ausgebissen und leider nicht zum laufen bekommen. Ich würde mich freuen.

    Gruß Tristan

  2. Hello Tristan, sure, check out my latest post:

    Where did you read about my Trac installation on Synology DS209?

  3. Thx for your fast reply I will try it maybe next week ;-)

    I found your post on this site: